Thursday 15 October 2009

singing in the rain

So I guess Autumn is finally here.

All picture's from DeviantArt; zemotion,larafairie,mathiole,unknown

Just picked a few of my many picture's I've collected from DeviantArt. Thought these all had an autumny theme to them.

I've also been trying out some new techniques on PSP mainly, pretty basic but w/e, I was pleased with the results;

Here I was going for a cartoony feel.
Kate Hudson

I'm in love with the halftone effect atm, just messing around with the colours and tingzzzzz. Thought this looked spitonmyneckkickmeinthecrotchfantastic if I'm being honest.
Kate Hudson

Thought this picture was so classy, I had to use the Tiffany colours!
Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen - who can really tell them apart anyway?!

Gotta love Britterrzz, she's done some oh-so-amazing photoshoots. Here I was messing about with a purple overlay effect, think the end result's quite good actually. Her face is really defined although one of her arms looks kinda funky.
Brittany Snow

What else? Oh yeah, FASHION WEEK!
I've been following it pretty religiously but I can't be bothered to make comments on it, I'm not that pro *sob*.

Right, I'm off to go sing in the shower now.
Cya in there ;)

telling it straight

For reasons unknown I have decided to attempt blogging.

I read some blogs occasionally but apart from that I am new to the blogging world so I thought I'd dive straight in at the deep end and just give it a go. What have I got to lose?

I'm hoping to show my more creative side on here but expect posts on fashion mainly.

Hope to see more of you in the future!