Wednesday 11 November 2009

Stop! Banner time

I've been feeling creative which is unusual for me so I thought I would put my creativity to good use and produce some banners. All are 350x180. Don't ask me why, they just are.

One - Preen

Two - MIchelle Trachtenburg

Three - Keri Russel




Seven - Kirsten Dunst


Nine - Jennifer Garner

Ten - Diane Von Furstenburg

Eleven - Charlize Theron



Fourteen - Evangeline Lilly

Fifteen - Jessica Stam




So I know these aren't amazing and there is definitely room for improvement but for my first batch I'm actually kinda proud of myself! If anyone is reading this please tell me how you think I could improve and which style is your favourite, if any. I'd really appreciate the feedback guys!
Also when it comes to graphic making I always seem to take one great picture and them make 20 different banners with the same photo. Then when it comes to posting I don't know which to pick because I like all the different colourings haha. I'm so indecisive!
I'll post again soon!
Cate x

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